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Loved this so much! Thanks for sharing! What’s your method for tracking time spent on projects ? I never do this but would like to.

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Awesome, Caroline!

Really enjoyed reading this humorously written saga. You’ve got grit! What a grinding process - and your dedication has paid off. Hope to read your books soon!

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Hi Caroline! I enjoyed reading about how you found your agent. I'm going to start querying soon and it's great to hear different stories of what can happen.

I just found your Substack through this note listing sci-fi authors: https://substack.com/@alecworley/note/c-18467433

Your listing caught my eye because you're also writing YA. I haven't been able to find a lot of other YA authors on Substack (which makes sense, because our target audience isn't exactly hanging out on Substack). So I'm glad to have discovered you to follow along with your publishing journey :)

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