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I’m an author of young adult dystopian sci-fi. I love writing about fierce girls, the ocean, and the future. Every month, I send out a newsletter with author updates, process stats, and creative musings.

In early 2023, I signed with the literary agency that represents Hunger Games for my YA sci-fi set underwater, MAY WE PLEASE THE SEA. We’ll be pitching to publishers in early 2024!

Here are my latest updates:

This is me freediving at 60 feet

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This instagram post summarizes my life story:

Caroline • Young Adult Science-Fiction Author on Instagram: ”👋 want to get to know me? Here’s my story smooshed into 10 slides. 📚 Do we have anything in common? It’s interesting to see what moments in our lives become the summary slides of our past. Anyhoo, hello again or nice to meet you! If you enjoyed this peek into my life, sign up to my monthly newsletter to stay a part of my author journey. It’s gonna be a long one 🎢✍️”
August 16, 2023

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✍️YA Sci-Fi & Dystopian Author weaving tales of fierce girls, the ocean, and the future. Repped by the agency behind Hunger Games. 🗡️🩸 Harvard nerd, gardener, scuba diver. 🌊 Overly organized 🤓📊